Earth Day Recommendations

Happy Earth Day! I hope you're all enjoying your Sundays. I will, until in the afternoon the storms roll in. Earth Day comes around only once a year, but really every day should be Earth Day. After all, where would we all be without the Earth? As a little inspiration, I've picked out a few... Continue Reading →


Book Fair Deventer 2017

A while ago, there was the annual Boekenmarkt in Deventer. Like the years before (check 2015, I hadn't time to write about 2016), there were endless stands of book sellers. Mostly Dutch books, but some English as well and every once in a while a different language mixed in. Most of the books sold are second... Continue Reading →

Recommended: (Dutch) Books About War

Since writing my post about May the fourth, I've been thinking about the books I have read and loved that are about war. There are a few books I'd like to mention. Some of those are Dutch books, but those are definitely worth it if you can find a translation. First up, a non-fiction book: The... Continue Reading →

Bookhaul – January-March 2017

Last week, you saw which books I'd read so far this year. Now it's time to show you the books I actually bought this year. So, get a snack while you scroll through the books, because three months is a long time and there are many books to go through. Before I get started though,... Continue Reading →

Read January-March 2017

It's been a while since I actually wrote anything about the books I read, so it's about time. At the time of writing, I've read a total of 14 books. Most I've actually enjoyed quite a bit, but there's not very many that I decided to keep, because certain books you can really only read... Continue Reading →

Favorite books of 2016

It was really hard to cut this list down to only ten books. I wanted it to be a mix of fiction, non-fiction, Dutch, English, German, children's, young adult and adult books. So it took me a while to get all those categories represented in the best way! So, without furrther ado, in no particular... Continue Reading →

Review: Het Helse Paradijs

Synopsis Vanuit het Badense Rijk wordt opnieuw een expeditie uitgezonden om Thule, het vroegere Groenland, te veroveren. De eerste twee boten die naar Thule zijn gestuurd, zijn nooit teruggekomen. Ditmaal sturen de Badeners vijf oorlogsschepen met militairen. Aan boord is ook Kilian Werfel, een taalkundige die de uitgestorven taal Brits beheerst, die in Thule wordt... Continue Reading →

On my bookshelf #17

Welcome to another edition of on my bookshelf! This time (once again), I'll be talking a bit about one of my favorite authors. Can anyone guess who that might be? Let's get started! 1. Beckman, Thea - De Verloren Schat 2. Beckman, Thea - Het Wonder van Frieswijck 3. Beckman, Thea - Kinderen van Moeder Aarde 4. Beckman,... Continue Reading →

Favorite Dutch books of 2015

I've decided to do three favorite posts. One for each language. Have you seen my posts about my favorite English books? These are my favorite Dutch books that I've read in 2015! 1. Het Diner by Herman Koch (translations according to Goodreads: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian,... Continue Reading →

Review: De Gouden Dolk by Thea Beckman

Synopsis Een oude vrouw voorspelt Jiri, een eenvoudige smidszoon, dat hij eens de eigenaar zal zijn van de beroemde Gouden Dolk. Al heel jong had Jiri van zijn grootvader verhalen over die dolk gehoord, die in het bezit is van de heerser van Aleppo, de geweldenaar Nour-ed-Din. En hoe zal hij de dolk dan ooit... Continue Reading →

Bookish Theme Park (imagination)

A while back, I watched this video from Jesse the Reader on Youtube. In this video he described a Bookish Theme Park, the kind of rides it would have and what books these would be based on. I thought it was amazing! So, I decided to write my own post about what my bookish theme park... Continue Reading →

A-Z bookish survey

This survey was created by Jamie from Perpetual Page Turner. I saw this floating around the blogosphere and thought I'd give it a shot as well. Most answers were pretty predictable though if you've read any of my previous posts about favorite/most read books. Nonetheless, I hope you still enjoy it! Author you’ve read the most... Continue Reading →

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I've been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Amy from A Novel Start and Varsh from Words Are Magic Galore. Thank you both so much! I'll be answering both of your questions in this post, as well as posing some more of my own for those that I nominate. Thank the... Continue Reading →

August bookhaul

As you have already seen throughout the different Sunday Posts, I've gotten quite a few new books in the month of August. Even though you've already seen all of them, I think I should still show a general overview. Kinderen van Moeder Aarde by Thea Beckman* | read De Verloren Schat by Thea Beckman* |... Continue Reading →

August wrap-up

Wow, August has come and gone. Sometimes it felt like it went by too-fast, especially with everything I had to turn in to finish my Master's; it felt like I didn't have enough time. Because of that (and because I'm binge watching Star Trek: Voyager), I've not read too much this month. Still, I've managed... Continue Reading →

Kinderen van Moeder Aarde by Thea Beckman

Kinderen van Moeder Aarde Thea Beckman (cover art by Jan Wesseling) Lemniscaat 2001 €17.95 ★★★★★ Synopsis (English translation below)* Zes eeuwen na de Derde Wereldoorlog. De aarde is door een kernoorlog gekanteld en bijna verwoest. Het ijs op het vroegere Groenland, nu Thule geheten, is gesmolten en het land heeft een heerlijk klimaat. Het land... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

I was awarded the Liebster Award by Annemieke from A Dance with Books. Thank you Annemieke for the nomination. I've seen several different sets of rules around the blogosphere for this award and will use the ones I've seen around the most. Unfortunately I've been unable to find the original creator. Rules   1. Thank the... Continue Reading →

Review: De Verloren Schat by Thea Beckman

De Verloren Schat Thea Beckman (cover art by Jan Wesseling) Lemniscaat 1993 €13.95 ★★★☆☆ Synopsis (English translation below)* De dertienjarige Mickey verveelt zich. Het is paasvakantie en er is niet veel te doen in het stadje. Dan krijgt ze Arnold in het oog. Ze probeert op allerlei manieren zijn aandacht te trekken; eerst lukt dat... Continue Reading →

Find Me Tag

I was tagged by Annemieke of A Dance with books, to do the Find Me tag. There are several categories, and for each one you'll have to try and find a book on your bookshelf. Let's see how I do. Here are the rules: 1. Find a book in the 10 categories listed below, take a photo... Continue Reading →

On my bookshelf #3

Number 3 already! This goes so fast! # books I own: 439 # unread books: 103 Oh yea, I've read a couple of books from my TBR. I'm trying to get it at least under 100! And hopefully have it stay under that, though obviously new books (or pre-loved ones new-to-me) will be bought. Let's... Continue Reading →

On my bookshelf #2

The second installment of on my bookshelf, because it's pretty awesome to go through my bookshelves and take a close look at all the books I own (and whether I still want to own them). Total books: 439 Unread: 109 Here are the next ten books: 1. Het Dal der Beloften - Jean M. Auel 2.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 books I plan to re-read soon(ish)

Time for a list, a list of the books I plan on re-reading soon, because I really enjoyed reading them the first time around. Some of them I might've already re-read, for others it will be the first time they'll be picked up again. Without further ado, though in no particular order, here are the... Continue Reading →

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