On my bookshelf #13

Are you getting fed up yet, looking at a list of books every week? I'm not! Like I explained before, I quite enjoy going through all of my books one by one and considering what they mean to me (and whether or not I should keep them). Total number of books: 456 Unread books: 103... Continue Reading →


July Wrap-Up

I wasn't quite sure how to do my July wrap-up. Since I've been doing the Sunday Post, it seemed like it might be nicer to wrap up a whole month of blogging, instead of just telling you which books I've read. Sure, it's interesting, but at the same time a list of books is also... Continue Reading →

Find Me Tag

I was tagged by Annemieke of A Dance with books, to do the Find Me tag. There are several categories, and for each one you'll have to try and find a book on your bookshelf. Let's see how I do. Here are the rules: 1. Find a book in the 10 categories listed below, take a photo... Continue Reading →

The Dead Fathers Club by Matt Haig

The Dead Fathers Club Matt Haig (cover art by David Hughes) Vintage Books 2007 £7.99 (UK) ★★★☆☆ Synopsis Philip Noble is an eleven-year-old in crisis. His pub landlord father has died in a road accident, and his mother is succumbing to the greasy charms of her dead husband’s brother, Uncle Alan. The remaining certainties of... Continue Reading →

June bookhaul & wrap-up

Once again, I bought way too many books. I don't know, but it just seems to happen that way. It's never planned. However, I've also gotten through quite a few books this month, so I believe that makes up for it, right? Anyway, here's the books I bought/received this month: 1. The Young Elites by Marie... Continue Reading →

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