Recommended: (Dutch) Books About War

Since writing my post about May the fourth, I've been thinking about the books I have read and loved that are about war. There are a few books I'd like to mention. Some of those are Dutch books, but those are definitely worth it if you can find a translation. First up, a non-fiction book: The... Continue Reading →


Books and feminism #2 – annoying/unlikable characters

The last post I wrote about Books & Feminism got a lot more views on my blog than I'd ever gotten before. Thank you for that! I also think that shows that a lot of people are interested in this. It also showed from the messages I got. I hope that you'll also appreciate this... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

I was awarded the Liebster Award by Annemieke from A Dance with Books. Thank you Annemieke for the nomination. I've seen several different sets of rules around the blogosphere for this award and will use the ones I've seen around the most. Unfortunately I've been unable to find the original creator. Rules   1. Thank the... Continue Reading →

On my bookshelf #6

You know the drill, let's do this! Total number of books: 447 Total number of unread books: 106 1. Divided - Elsie Chapman I really love this duology. I keep hoping for a third book, but no luck so far... *finger crossed!*   2. The Testing - Joelle Charbonneau 3. Independent Study - Joelle Charbonneau 4.... Continue Reading →

Books and Feminism #1 – Beauty

There’s been this trend lately of great stories with kick-ass female characters. Seems very feminist, or does it? Now, just as a disclaimer, I do love most of these books and stories and have enjoyed reading them quite a bit. This however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t recurring issues I can't be critical about with... Continue Reading →

Top 10 books I plan to re-read soon(ish)

Time for a list, a list of the books I plan on re-reading soon, because I really enjoyed reading them the first time around. Some of them I might've already re-read, for others it will be the first time they'll be picked up again. Without further ado, though in no particular order, here are the... Continue Reading →

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