Free Little Library, Ponta Delgada

The Azores aren't just about hiking, swimming and great views. There are also books! I didn't see a proper book store, though perhaps I didn't look closely enough. I did however happen across a free little library. With opening times! Unfortunately I was not able to go see it again when it was actually open,... Continue Reading →


Deventer Boekenmarkt (2015)

Every year, there is a book fair in Deventer in the Netherlands. This is the largest book fair in Europe for antique and second hand books. I found out about it years ago, but never went until last year. Man, that was amazing and horrible at the same time. My mom loves books just as... Continue Reading →

Pre-loved books

Pre-loved, second-hand, used. No matter what you like to call them, I love buying them. Don't get me wrong, I also love all my new books! But there's just something about used-book shops and pre-loved books. I am a bit of a snob though, because I'll only buy them they are in near perfect condition. There's... Continue Reading →

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