Favorite English books of 2015

I've decided to do three favorite posts. One for each language that I've read books in. The Dutch and German ones will be up next year (It's so weird to say that)! These are my favorite English books that I've read in 2015! 1. The Martian by Andy Weir This was such a realistic Mars adventure! It was... Continue Reading →


Books and feminism #2 – annoying/unlikable characters

The last post I wrote about Books & Feminism got a lot more views on my blog than I'd ever gotten before. Thank you for that! I also think that shows that a lot of people are interested in this. It also showed from the messages I got. I hope that you'll also appreciate this... Continue Reading →

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

Peter Pan J. M. Barrie (cover art by Peter Nuyten) Wolters-Noordhoff 2004 New price + picture not available for my edition ★★★★★ Synopsis (English translation below)* Op een avond vliegt de altijd jonge Peter Pan door het openstaande raam de slaapkamer van de kinderen Lieveling binnen, samen met het elfje Tinkel Bel, zijn gezellin. Wanneer... Continue Reading →

July Wrap-Up

I wasn't quite sure how to do my July wrap-up. Since I've been doing the Sunday Post, it seemed like it might be nicer to wrap up a whole month of blogging, instead of just telling you which books I've read. Sure, it's interesting, but at the same time a list of books is also... Continue Reading →

On my bookshelf #2

The second installment of on my bookshelf, because it's pretty awesome to go through my bookshelves and take a close look at all the books I own (and whether I still want to own them). Total books: 439 Unread: 109 Here are the next ten books: 1. Het Dal der Beloften - Jean M. Auel 2.... Continue Reading →

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