January Wrap Up

It's already the beginning of February, which means it's time to review what happend in January. A lot has happened during this month, even though the year has only just started. Here a short overview: Started Bujo Trip to London and Harry Potter Studios Tour Heywood Hills Books Daunt Books Starting work again Bad Storm... Continue Reading →


Boekenbeurs Glanerbrug 2018

The last two years, I've been going to the Boekenbeurs in Glanerbrug. The money raised there goes to three different charities, which only makes it a better past time. After all, I get books, people in need get money. What's not to love? Last year, and the year before, I had a pretty good haul.... Continue Reading →

Reading statistics – July 2016

Another month has ended. I only managed to read 5 books this month. Not surprising, as I went to Scotland for two weeks and somehow rewatched all the seasons of Gilmore Girls. In between all of that, there wasn't a lot of time left for reading. I also starting two other books that I didn't... Continue Reading →

Review: Death Comes to Pemberley by P. D. James

Synopsis The year is 1803, Darcy and Elizabeth have been married for six years, and the orderly world of Pemberley seems unassailable. But all this is threatened when, on the eve of the annual ball, a chaise appears, rocking down the path from Pemberley's wild woodland. As it pulls up, Lydia Wickham – Elizabeth's younger,... Continue Reading →

On my bookshelf #15

Ten more books that are currently still on my bookshelves. I'll be getting rid of some of these, so let's check them out! Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James Reading these books once was plenty. I wanted to read them for myself... Continue Reading →

A-Z bookish survey

This survey was created by Jamie from Perpetual Page Turner. I saw this floating around the blogosphere and thought I'd give it a shot as well. Most answers were pretty predictable though if you've read any of my previous posts about favorite/most read books. Nonetheless, I hope you still enjoy it! Author you’ve read the most... Continue Reading →

Literary Lessons – vocabulary #3

Again, this amazing P. D. James novel increased my vocabulary. These are the ten words I found in there that I didn't know before. Honestly, the amount of words I found in this book makes me almost feel like I don't know the English language at all! The Children of Men P. D. James 978-0-571-25341-8... Continue Reading →

Literary Lessons – vocabulary #2

As you might have realized reading the first vocabulary post, the page numbers were all very much in the beginning of the book. When I wrote that post I hadn't actually finished reading the book yet. I still haven't at the writing of this, but will have when this posts. I didn't want to post... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

I was awarded the Liebster Award by Annemieke from A Dance with Books. Thank you Annemieke for the nomination. I've seen several different sets of rules around the blogosphere for this award and will use the ones I've seen around the most. Unfortunately I've been unable to find the original creator. Rules   1. Thank the... Continue Reading →

1989 – Book Tag

Created by Reviews from a Bookworm Woo-hoo! Book tag time. That sounds funny when you say it out loud. Reviews from a Bookworm created a book tag and invited everyone to do it (also, you can use it get extra entries for her giveaway and who am I to say no to that!?) This one is... Continue Reading →

Literary lessons #1 (intro + vocabulary)

I wanted to start something new on my blog, something where I can keep track of words, sentences, quotes, names and such. Partially for myself, but maybe also to inspire others. They'll be literary lessons. I love language, and hopefully this way I can also do something with it on my blog. While reading, I often... Continue Reading →

July bookhaul

July was a good month for buying books. At least, I've bought quite a few new (and pre-loved) ones, so it must've been. 1. Over Opvoeding Eerste Bundel by Jan Ligthart* 2. Getting Out by Ann Goething* 3. In Defense of English Cooking by George Orwell* 4. Criminological Theories by Suzette Cote* 5. The Blood of... Continue Reading →

July Wrap-Up

I wasn't quite sure how to do my July wrap-up. Since I've been doing the Sunday Post, it seemed like it might be nicer to wrap up a whole month of blogging, instead of just telling you which books I've read. Sure, it's interesting, but at the same time a list of books is also... Continue Reading →

The Children of Men by P. D. James

The Children of Men P. D. James (cover art by Roy Mehta) faber and faber 1992 £8.99 (UK) ★★★★★ Synopsis The year is 2021. No child has been born twenty-five years. The human race fears extinction. Under the despotic rule of Xan Lyppiatt, the Warden of England, the old are despairing and the young cruel.... Continue Reading →

June bookhaul & wrap-up

Once again, I bought way too many books. I don't know, but it just seems to happen that way. It's never planned. However, I've also gotten through quite a few books this month, so I believe that makes up for it, right? Anyway, here's the books I bought/received this month: 1. The Young Elites by Marie... Continue Reading →

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