Favorite German books of 2015

I've decided to do three favorite posts. One for each language. These are my favorite German books that I've read in 2015! 1. Rubinrot by Kerstin Gier (translations according to Goodreads: Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish) My first introduction to Kerstin Gier. YA, romance, contemporary... Continue Reading →


Bookish Theme Park (imagination)

A while back, I watched this video from Jesse the Reader on Youtube. In this video he described a Bookish Theme Park, the kind of rides it would have and what books these would be based on. I thought it was amazing! So, I decided to write my own post about what my bookish theme park... Continue Reading →

1989 – Book Tag

Created by Reviews from a Bookworm Woo-hoo! Book tag time. That sounds funny when you say it out loud. Reviews from a Bookworm created a book tag and invited everyone to do it (also, you can use it get extra entries for her giveaway and who am I to say no to that!?) This one is... Continue Reading →

MondSilberTraum by Marah Woolf

MondSilberTraum Marah Woolf (cover art by Carolin Liepens) CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012) €9.50 ★★★☆☆ Synopsis (English translation below)* “Du schickst mich fort?” “Ich schicke dich fort.“ "Was, wenn ich nicht gehe?“ "Dann werde ich dich eigenhändig zum Auto tragen.“ Ich lächelte, während mir die Tränen über die Wangen liefe. "Wir könnten einen Ort ausmachen, an... Continue Reading →

MondSilberZauber by Marah Woolf

MondSilberZauber Marah Woolf (cover art by Carolin Liepens) CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012) €9.50 ★★★★☆ Synopsis “Mein Herz fing an zu schlagen, immer schneller. Der Stein in meinem Magen schien größer zu werden, doch nicht vor Schmerz. Er polderte ein wenig herum, zersprang und tausend kleine Schmetterlinge flatterten aus seinem Inneren hervor. Er lebte, er... Continue Reading →

MondSilberLicht by Marah Woolf

MondSilberLicht Marah Woolf (cover art by Carolin Lieppens) CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012) €9,50 ★★★★☆ Synopsis (English translation below)* “Schon als ich dich das erste Mal sah, hatte ich das Gefühl, dass du gar nicht gut für mich bist.“ Keiner ihrer Albträume hätte Emma auf die drastische Veränderung in ihrem Leben vorbereiten können. Aber nach... Continue Reading →

July bookhaul

July was a good month for buying books. At least, I've bought quite a few new (and pre-loved) ones, so it must've been. 1. Over Opvoeding Eerste Bundel by Jan Ligthart* 2. Getting Out by Ann Goething* 3. In Defense of English Cooking by George Orwell* 4. Criminological Theories by Suzette Cote* 5. The Blood of... Continue Reading →

July Wrap-Up

I wasn't quite sure how to do my July wrap-up. Since I've been doing the Sunday Post, it seemed like it might be nicer to wrap up a whole month of blogging, instead of just telling you which books I've read. Sure, it's interesting, but at the same time a list of books is also... Continue Reading →

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