Reading statistics – July 2016

Another month has ended. I only managed to read 5 books this month. Not surprising, as I went to Scotland for two weeks and somehow rewatched all the seasons of Gilmore Girls. In between all of that, there wasn't a lot of time left for reading. I also starting two other books that I didn't... Continue Reading →


Favorite English books of 2015

I've decided to do three favorite posts. One for each language that I've read books in. The Dutch and German ones will be up next year (It's so weird to say that)! These are my favorite English books that I've read in 2015! 1. The Martian by Andy Weir This was such a realistic Mars adventure! It was... Continue Reading →

On my bookshelf #10

I've finally arrived at the post that will show my 100th book on my bookshelf. I find that quite exciting. Though I'm not even halfway through showing you all of my books. That'll be quite a while longer. Total number of books: Total number of unread books: 1. Het Oneindige Verhaal - Michiel Ende* The... Continue Reading →

1989 – Book Tag

Created by Reviews from a Bookworm Woo-hoo! Book tag time. That sounds funny when you say it out loud. Reviews from a Bookworm created a book tag and invited everyone to do it (also, you can use it get extra entries for her giveaway and who am I to say no to that!?) This one is... Continue Reading →

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects Gillian Flynn Phoenix 2010 £ 8.99 ★★★☆☆ Synopsis (trigger warning: automutilation) It’s been a while … but Camille Preaker has finally gone home. Sent to investigate the disappearance of two little girls Camille finds herself reluctantly installed in the family mansion, reacquainting herself with her distant mother and precocious thirteen-year-old half-sister she barely... Continue Reading →

July Wrap-Up

I wasn't quite sure how to do my July wrap-up. Since I've been doing the Sunday Post, it seemed like it might be nicer to wrap up a whole month of blogging, instead of just telling you which books I've read. Sure, it's interesting, but at the same time a list of books is also... Continue Reading →

Find Me Tag

I was tagged by Annemieke of A Dance with books, to do the Find Me tag. There are several categories, and for each one you'll have to try and find a book on your bookshelf. Let's see how I do. Here are the rules: 1. Find a book in the 10 categories listed below, take a photo... Continue Reading →

May bookhaul & wrap-up

As always, I tried to not  buy many books during the month of May. And as always, I didn’t quite succeed. Though, in all honesty, I believe this has been the best month so far. I only bought/received a total of 10 books: Franz Kafka – Ein Lesebuch by Franz Kafka* (contains his collected short... Continue Reading →

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