3 Bookish Pinterest DIYs I want to try

During Christmas, I showed a whole bunch of bookish decorations I had made. Most of the inspiration for that, I found on Pinterest. There are very many more amazing Pinterest posts though that I'd like to try at one point or another. Here are 3 of my favorites. 1. Book Letters I can't find a... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years. And what better way to start the ýear, than to show you how we did on our last challenge of the year? As you can see, we finished! It started off fairly easy, we still had a pile of stuff to... Continue Reading →

Zero-Waste (Christmas) Presents!

Happy Christmas Eve! Don't worry, I'm (not yet) telling you about my Christmas presents. Instead, I thought I'd show you how we wrap (Christmas) presents in my house. Perhaps it'll give you a little bit of inspiration on how to do it without creating too much waste. First off, we wrap our presents in cloth.... Continue Reading →

♪♪ Oh Christmas Tree… ♪♪ (DIY)

We're not regular Christmas tree people. It started when I spend almost a year in Canada. I didn't want to buy a tree there, because for the time of Christmas I was renting a condo. It seemed a waste to only have it for so little days and still spend so much money on it.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cards

Yes, even in my Christmas cards I managed to use book pages. Unfortunately, the ones that I used the book pages in are already in envelopes, so I couldn't take pictures of it anymore. However, it's fairly easy to see how you could use book pages for these cards. Again, I found my inspiration on... Continue Reading →

Book Upcycling – Photo book

Last year, before my Scotland trip, I mentioned that I was going to track this trip by using a Harry Potter book. Since its author comes from Scotland, this seemed entirely appropriate. Also, do I really need an excuse to buy another HP book? So, I bought the book and took it with me on... Continue Reading →

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