Literary Lessons – vocabulary #3

Again, this amazing P. D. James novel increased my vocabulary. These are the ten words I found in there that I didn't know before. Honestly, the amount of words I found in this book makes me almost feel like I don't know the English language at all! The Children of Men P. D. James 978-0-571-25341-8... Continue Reading →

Literary Lessons – vocabulary #2

As you might have realized reading the first vocabulary post, the page numbers were all very much in the beginning of the book. When I wrote that post I hadn't actually finished reading the book yet. I still haven't at the writing of this, but will have when this posts. I didn't want to post... Continue Reading →

Literary lessons #1 (intro + vocabulary)

I wanted to start something new on my blog, something where I can keep track of words, sentences, quotes, names and such. Partially for myself, but maybe also to inspire others. They'll be literary lessons. I love language, and hopefully this way I can also do something with it on my blog. While reading, I often... Continue Reading →

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