3 Bookish Pinterest DIYs I want to try

During Christmas, I showed a whole bunch of bookish decorations I had made. Most of the inspiration for that, I found on Pinterest. There are very many more amazing Pinterest posts though that I'd like to try at one point or another. Here are 3 of my favorites. 1. Book Letters I can't find a... Continue Reading →


Zero-Waste (Christmas) Presents!

Happy Christmas Eve! Don't worry, I'm (not yet) telling you about my Christmas presents. Instead, I thought I'd show you how we wrap (Christmas) presents in my house. Perhaps it'll give you a little bit of inspiration on how to do it without creating too much waste. First off, we wrap our presents in cloth.... Continue Reading →

♪♪ Oh Christmas Tree… ♪♪ (DIY)

We're not regular Christmas tree people. It started when I spend almost a year in Canada. I didn't want to buy a tree there, because for the time of Christmas I was renting a condo. It seemed a waste to only have it for so little days and still spend so much money on it.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cards

Yes, even in my Christmas cards I managed to use book pages. Unfortunately, the ones that I used the book pages in are already in envelopes, so I couldn't take pictures of it anymore. However, it's fairly easy to see how you could use book pages for these cards. Again, I found my inspiration on... Continue Reading →

Christmas (Bookish) Decorations

You've already seen some of the baubles, stars and trees I made out of book pages in my posts about my Advent calender. However, there is more that you can do with books. Something I tried this year and that I'm quite proud of, is my poster cover-up, that you've perhaps already seen on my... Continue Reading →

Home-made Advent Calender

Christmas is coming! I've been preparing for Christmas all of November, which is probably why I didn't have much time for anything else at all. So, it's probably a little late to share this, but perhaps it can be of some use next year: a home made Advent calender. I really wanted something a little more... Continue Reading →

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