Buchhandlung Hoffmann Bad Harzburg, Germany

It’s the weekend! What better to do during the weekend than visiting bookshops you’ve never been to before? Right, nothing. So, when we were in Bad Harzburg this weekend I decided to visit the local bookshop: Buchhandlung Hoffmann.

Not a very inspiring name and as I first passed it after closing time, not a particularly inviting one. However, the next day, it looked a bit different. Two benches and a suit case had been placed outside of the shop with books in/on them. I decided to give it a go, showing an interior that was exciting.

Besides a large selection of German books, there was a selected of (not well-known) English novels, some Young Adult and Children’s books, as well as a large selection of second hand books in the back of the shop, which is hidden at first glance.

I loved the atmosphere in the shop, brought about by so many different kinds of book ends. Each shelf had been decorated by a couple. From very stylish ones, to books ends designed for children, there was something for everyone.

If you ever find yourself in Bad Harzburg, I can definitely recommend you check it out.

Of course I couldn’t leave without buying a book. I’m now the proud owner of (while scaring other people away): Psychopathinnen (Female Psychopaths) by Lydia Benecke.


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