Leipziger Buchmesse 2018

Last weekend, I spent seeing a million and one books. No, I didn’t count, but there were just So Many Books. After my initial hesitation and very slight freak out over the amount of people, I loved it!

There was a program, that counted as its own book, with the size it was. So, I spend two full days walking through the enormous halls of the Messe in Leipzig, discovering everythingn they had to offer. There were a few authors I’d read before, so I went to see their readings and interviews. Also, there was still plenty of time to discover some new authors as well.


I only bought 6 books in the end, by 4 authors. All in all, not a bad weekend.

There was also a Comic Con part of the Messe, but I didn’t take pictures of anyone, because up until the end, I didn’t realize it was actually completely normal to just ask them if it is okay to take pictures. Apparently people even brag about the number of pics that have been taken of them. Not something I had thought of. The things you learn…

In the mean time, I’ve already finished two of the books (a duology), which I loved! So far, so good. Time to get back to the other books, but not before I leave you with a bit of a visual of what the Buchmesse was like.


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