3 Bookish Pinterest DIYs I want to try

During Christmas, I showed a whole bunch of bookish decorations I had made. Most of the inspiration for that, I found on Pinterest. There are very many more amazing Pinterest posts though that I’d like to try at one point or another. Here are 3 of my favorites.

Main Image - Second Nature by Hand 'One of a Kind Letter' Hand Carved Recycled Book Shelf Art (Small)1. Book Letters

I can’t find a tutorial or anything. Just pictures that never seem to lead to the original website. However, I would love to make these. How gorgeous would they look on the shelves?

This picture came from the Nordstrom website, where they used to sell these recycled books. Apparently, they have long since sold out. However, how hard could it be to make some of these yourself?

I’ll try to find out this year and report back.

Image result for pink birds art print2. Book Page Art

I’ve been seeing so many versions of these book pages on Pinterest. I can’t decide what my favorites are. However, since I can’t draw, that won’t be an option. I do know how to use a printer, so it should be easy enough to print out a couple of black-and-white art prints on a book page. Don’t you think it’ll look great?

punch a hole in the shape of a heart into an old book (I'm thinking a dictionary and choosing certain words), and arrange them into a frame for a decoration3. Punched Out Book Page Art

Again, the original source is lost on me. This is some absolutely great art though. Simple enough: just punch out a bunch of hearts (or whatever shape you want), glue/tape it onto a neutral background and stick it in a frame. Honestly, so simple! But with such a lovely result.

I’ve also seen great ones with circles and I can imagine just about any shape would work. Like, how about pentagons for example? Simple squares? Stars? Let your imagination run wild!






Do you have any book art in your home? I’ve got a folded book in the letter M I once made. Apart from that, there’s very little, so it seems like a bit more might be in order.

Which one(s) do you like?


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