Pineapples 🍍🍍🍍, the Azores

Yes, pineapples were a big part of our trip to the Azores. I didn’t know this before we actually left for the Azores, but figured it out soon after coming there. So big, they even have two words (in Portuguese) for pineapple: abacaxi and ananas.

Ananas Sign

The way it was explained to me there, was that ananas was for the species grown in the Azores, abacaxi for the species grown outside the Azores, as they are different species. One of those is sweeter than the other.

Anyway, there is an actual pineapple plantation on Sao Miguel (Ponta Delgada), where, for the first time ever, I’ve seen a pineapple bloom. Like, I’ve never even thought about it before, because obviously they must be a flower at some point, but I never considered how they bloom. If you haven’t neither, get ready for some prettiness.

There were different green houses, where pineapples grew in different stages. In order to get them to bloom and thus grow at the same time, they burn a bunch of leaves in the green houses, making the poor pineapple plants fear for their lives and thus produce seeds immediately, to prevent themselves from dying out. I might have embellished that explanation a bit, but you get my meaning.

Pineapple Greenhouse

Oh, by the way, entrance is free. There is no tour, but there’s a short leaflet explaining how pineapples are grown. There’s also a tiny ‘museum’, where various pineapple themes items can be viewed. There’s also a shop and cafe with (highly overpriced) pineapple products.

I loved it! Like I love pineapple. 🍍


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