Azores, it’s all about the cows

Yes, that title does sound a little crazy. It does, however, cover a big aspect of Azores’ life: cows. They are everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. Even on the bigger roads, at some point, there will be cows. They need to be moved from the pasture to the milking place and back.

We were just driving along (this happened a couple of times) on one of the bigger streets on the islands, and BOOM! out of nowhere: cows.


So, with cows everywhere, there are also queserias, places where they make Azoran cheese. We visted one of those places.

We didn’t feel like going to one of the bigger ones, so we found a smaller one on Sao Jorge. As we got there, it seemed like no one was there. We walked around the building a bit and were about to get back into the car, as someone came out of the building. Apparently, he was the only one working there today. Still, he took the time to show us around. We couldn’t see everything, because of hygiene concerns, but it was still great to see how on such a small scale cheese is made.

At the end, we were able to buy some of the cheese, which we did, because the tour had been free.

Cheese Cheese 2


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