London: Daunt Books

As you may have guessed, I couldn’t just go into one bookstore while in London, I had to see more. After all, we did have a whole day with nothing else planned. So, I also checked out Daunt Books in London.

Daunt Book Store Front

Supposedly, it’s especially know for it’s travel section. I just sort of shrugged as I read that. I mean, it’s a book store. How special can the travel section really be? Well, turns out, the travel section is giant. GIANT. It covers a large part of the bookstore and is the only section that is divided over three different levels.

Daunt Books Travel 1

You can literally find everything you need to know about every country in the world there. It starts on the top floor with everything about the UK and Ireland, then has a fairly large chunk of European countries on the ground floor, and the basement section includes all other countries in the world, sorted by their continents.

We were thinking of going to Madagascar this year, which is not a country you can find anything about in your usual book shop. Here, I found at least 4 different travel books, with several copies still available. So of course, that’s what I picked up here.

Any tips/suggestions for our trip to Madagascar?


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