London: Heywood Hills Books

While I was in London, I took the time to visit a couple of bookstores in the relative vicinity of the hotel we were staying in. One of those bookstores was Heywood Hills Books.

I had only looked up the address online and when we got there it seemed to be a small shop. We were even unsure where to go in, because there were no big doors or anything, just a bookishly decorated store front.


It looked nice enough, so we found the entrance and went in. It was much bigger on the inside, than one would expect just looking in from outside. There are several different rooms where you can find all kinds of fiction and non-fiction books.

They’re not your usual books neither. I saw very few best sellers. There were still a lot of wonderful titles however, stacked on tables and in bookshelves on the wall.

The people that worked there, worked in several of the rooms, at a desk, filled with books. As I entered the room with children’s books, I asked if I could take a picture, as a man was working there at his PC. He assured me it was fine to take pictures, but since he didn’t want to be in them, he got up and left the room, so I could take all the pictures I wanted. Seriously, this was the best children’s book section I’ve seen in a while. Just so beautifully decorated.


So, if you’re ever in the area, I can definitely recommend this bookstore!


Ps. Obviously I did buy a book there: Travellers of the Third Reich by Julia Boyd.


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