2017 Goals REVIEWED

I’ve finally worked up the nerve to review the goals I made for 2017, turns out it’s not so easy to stick to them. In case you’re not interested in checking out the link to the goals (which I can totally unstand, who has time for that?) Here is the short list of goals I set for 2017:

  1. Excersize at least twice a week (tae kwon do, pole dancing, running, yoga).
  2. Finish 52 books this year.
  3. Acquire two new games (board/card games).
  4. Reduce my TBR from 88 to 50 books.
  5. Go to the sauna at least once a month.
  6. Experience 5 new things (foods, activities, sports, places etc.).
  7. Finish the Konmari method + repeat at the end of the year for books and clothing.
  8. Post 1 new blog post each week.

1. FAILED: I sometimes managed to do this. The beginning of the year was still fine. However, it became more and more difficult as the year went on. This year, I’ve renewed this goal with a slight alteration.

2. PASSED! According to my statistics I’ve read 60 books. I sometimes forget to update Goodreads or add the dates, but luckily I’ve got my own way of keeping track. Perhaps I should add another update, so you could see all the changes I’ve made to the spreadsheet.

3. PASSED! I’ve gotten Arkham Horror, Hive, and Joggle.

4. FAILED: There are 82 books on my TBR at the beginning of the year. Although, at least it’s less than last year.

5. FAILED: We haven’t been to the Sauna in a long time.

6. PASSED! We’ve visited a new country, try a bunch of new restaurants, played new games, I went go-karting and we visited the Weihnachtsmarkt in Goslar. Lots of new experiences!

7. Kinda…. although I finished most of it this year, as I had some time off at the beginning of January. I did however repeat it for books. Clothing i did throughout the year.

8. FAILED. There’s been a lot of times where I just didn’t manage. This one I also revised in my 2018 goals. So hopefully it’ll be easier to stick to it.

How did you do with the goals you set for yourself last year? Turns out, it’s not so easy to stick to them. At some point I just lost track of them. This year, I’ve started a kind-of bullet-journal (just to keep track of things, I’ve got an online planner). Hopefully it’ll keep reminding me my goals.


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