Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years. And what better way to start the ýear, than to show you how we did on our last challenge of the year?

ClutterFree - End.jpg

As you can see, we finished!

It started off fairly easy, we still had a pile of stuff to go through. Then somewhere around Christmas, it started getting a bit more difficult, we seemed to be having a hard time finding things to let go. After a couple of days of this we somehow found new inspiration and let go of a lot more things.

People keep asking what exactly the rules are for getting rid off things. Honestly, I don’t know. We made up our own rules. For us, it was important that we could somehow live with the decisions we made. For example, we got rid of a lot of old socks; they weren’t any good for wearing anymore. However, the boyfriend can then use them as a sort of one-way gloves while cleaning his bike. Sure, we could’ve actually thrown them out, however I found it more important to give this holy socks a short second life before tossing them out. We still counted them as having gotten rid off them though.

If you decide to do this challenge, I would suggest going by your own rules. There is no wrong or right, as long as you feel happier afterwards.

Even now, I’m still in ‘letting go’ mode. I’ve just finished going through all of the things I had kept from school (primary school, high school and university!). Now, it all fits into three binders, instead of 12. That doesn’t just mean I’ve gotten lot of a pile of paper, but also that a lot of these binders can now go. We might keep two extras in the cellar, but even then, that’s 7 (!) binders gone.

Let me know if you’d ever consider doing this, I would love to know how it goes for you.


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