Goals for 2018

Before I’m going to review my 2017 goals, I want to set some goals for 2018 and be a lot more specific than I was last year. I’ve been having a really hard time trying to review them, because they’re not specific.

Sure, I knew it was going to bother me, but I’ve finally reached that point where I have to change it.

There’s a couple of things I want to try next year. Some of these goals are similar to last year’s goals. I want to live healthier, be on my blog and social media more (efficiently!) and have some new expierences.

Jan 2018.jpg

  1. Workout (in whatever form) twice a week.
  2. Reduce sweet treats to a minimum of twice a week.
  3. Take vitamins everyday.
  4. Post on the blog twice a week (about anything).
  5. Post on Instagram Books once a week
  6. Post on Instagram Me once a week.
  7. Throwback Thursdays on Facebook every week.
  8. Visit a new country.
  9. Visit a new city.
  10. Try a new activity.
  11. Read 50 books.

For the first 7 goals, I’d like to add, that I’ll have to do this at least 75% of the time to be successful. I don’t want to start off to difficult. I also don’t want to feel like I’ve failed, the first time I don’t post twice a week, or don’t workout twice a week. There are times that this is going to happen and I still want to be able to say I’ve achieved my goals.

Other bigger goals for the new year:

  • get a unbefristeten Arbeitsvertrag (a permanent employment contract).
  • buy a house.
    • (with a Harry Potter guestroom!) Okay, this one isn’t super important, but it would be awesome if it worked out.
  • declutter for the new year (like I did this year).


What  goals have you set for the new year? Any recommendations for things I might have forgotten?

I wish you all a happy and successful (your kind of success) 2018!


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