My (bookish) Christmas Presents

I’ve gotten really amazing Christmas presents. The biggest presents was something I really didn’t see coming. In Germany, it’s tradition to unwrap you Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, so we did: Christmas Eve Morning. Not traditional, but we just couldn’t wait. Since we’re both adults, we get to make our own rules. Yay for adulting!

Harry PotterSo on Christmas Eve Morning, I got quite a large package to unwarp. After the first layer came off, there was just a box, in which I found another wrapped package with an envelope. Reading the booking confirmation, I found that we would be staying in a hotel in Hannover beginning of January. Confusing, so I went on. The next package revealed another package and another envelope. Another booking confirmation. This time for a flight from Hannover to London. This was getting exciting! The flight back was two days after the arrival date, so we’d be staying for two days. The next package contained another envelope and a Harry Potter studios book. Turns out, we’ll be visiting the Harry Potter studios in London! Oh yea!

I’ll of course bring back a full report of that for the blog.

Other presents I got: books, socks, a soap dish and a bamboo brush. Perfect presents.

Did you give or receive any gifts this Christmas? Did you get what you wished for?


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