Zero-Waste (Christmas) Presents!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Don’t worry, I’m (not yet) telling you about my Christmas presents. Instead, I thought I’d show you how we wrap (Christmas) presents in my house. Perhaps it’ll give you a little bit of inspiration on how to do it without creating too much waste.

First off, we wrap our presents in cloth. I’ve watched a lot of videos about Furoshiki, Japansese cloth wrapping. You can wrap just about anything in cloth and it’ll look amazing instantly.

All presents

We bought a few yards of Christmas cloth last year, so that our Christmas presents could look extra festive. We’ve used them again this year. Extra this year, is the white and red cloth, that came from old bed sheets. Cut into manageable pieces, it looks amazing with a bow and some greenery.

Honestly, it’s so easy to make the presents look fancy without going through so much trouble. Would you ever consider wrapping your presents like this?

Have a merry Christmas!


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