♪♪ Oh Christmas Tree… ♪♪ (DIY)

We’re not regular Christmas tree people. It started when I spend almost a year in Canada. I didn’t want to buy a tree there, because for the time of Christmas I was renting a condo. It seemed a waste to only have it for so little days and still spend so much money on it.

Instead, I decided to craft my own tree. I’d seen a lot of trees made out of wood on Pinterest, but buying obviously wasn’t an option. So, I went into the park to find some nice branches and tied them together. Et voila, a Christmas tree!

Since then, this is how I’ve made my own tree. I’m here to show you what it looks like and explain how it’s done.

Step 1: Find and collect branches


You’re going to need at least 3 large branches to stand up you tree like a tipi. Then, you’re going to need a bunch more smaller ones (or ones you can cut smaller) to use as a sort of cross bars.

Step 2: Let them dry/let the bugs crawl out


We leave the branches outside on the porch for a couple of days, to  give the bugs some time to crawl out, as well as to dry the branches a bit. The weather around Christmas time is mostly wet (rain or snow), so the branches need to dry a bit before bringing them into our house.

Step 3: Build your tipi

Tipi Tree
Don’t mind the mess.


Get the three large branches and tie them together at the top, so you get a tipi-like shape. This is usually easier when done together with someone else. One person to hold the branches, the other to tie them together. We use jute for this.

Step 4: Connect the main branches with smaller branches.


I’ve learned it’s best to start at the bottom; it gives the tree stability. As soon as the three branches have been connected at the bottom, it becomes a lot easier. It can stand by itself and doesn’t tend to fall over anymore.

It’s okay when not all the branches fit perfectly, or if they still have side branches on them. Work with the branches, with their natural curve. It’ll look lovely and natural.

Step 5: Decorate

Christmas tree

Decorate the tree with whatever decorations you have/fits into your decor.

Enjoy your lovely zero-waste / ecological / biologically degradable tree. All the branches I used, including the green pine branches were all already fallen. I’ve not cut off anything from a living tree. There’s enough you can easily gather on the forest floor. Why cut down live pieces of tree?

Unfortunately I haven’t had time yet to also make bookish decorations for the tree. Perhaps I’ll still manage this year. Otherwise, it’ll be a project for next year.

How do you decorate you Christmas tree?



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