Decluttering in December

You may remember that last year, I started the Konmarie Method (also see me declutter my clothing and my books). I didn’t manage to go through all the steps, but also added a few things to my house throughout the year. Now, things have gotten a little more cluttered again. So, in oder to unclutter, I’ve decided to do a month long challenge.

I’ve seen this challenge before, but most recently saw Saartje do it. She even started a whole new Instagram account in oder to give away all the things she was uncluttering from her home. Something I won’t be doing, because most of it should’ve been in the bin ages ago.

The idea is, to dispose of 1 thing on the first day of the month, 2 items on the second day of the month, and so on. Until on the 31st of December, I’ll have to part ways with 31 items.


So far, so good. We had a lot of things that had to go, but that were still piling up. That’s what we got rid of first of course. It’s even been drawn up in a plan. Add to that a donations box and a box for recycling (e.g. old electronics), and we’re on our way to getting decluttered. I’ll let you know at the end of the month (or beginning of the new year) how it went.


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