Home-made Advent Calender

Christmas is coming! I’ve been preparing for Christmas all of November, which is probably why I didn’t have much time for anything else at all. So, it’s probably a little late to share this, but perhaps it can be of some use next year: a home made Advent calender.

I really wanted something a little more special this year, instead of just a regular calender with chocolates in it. Honestly, those chocolates are usually not very good anyway. So instead, I decided to make my own.

Calender Alex Jr.

*Yes, I misspelled 23, but I didn’t want remake the tag

This was actually fairly easy to make. I bought a shoe hanger with 24 pockets and just filled it up. Then of course, I crafted a whole bunch of different decor and tags. I love the color combinations of red, white, black, and cardboard, so that’s what I used. I went through a whole bunch of Amazon boxes, to get the tags, as well as an old book. Apart from that, I still had a lot of arts and crafts stuff that I just used.

Then, I cut up an old red sheet, that was already on the to-go pile, and added a little color. We also went into the woods to find some branches, pinecones and green. I didn’t cut any from trees, but just took what fell down after a storm.

Of course this was followed by more crafting. Christmas baubles, stars and Christmas trees out of old book pages. I added links to the pages where I found them, but you can also check out my DIY Christmas Pinterest board. I also made a star and a Christmas tree out of branches and twine.

Next year, I plan to make some of the other book page Christmas decoration ideas I’ve saved on Pinterest (or maybe still this year when we put up our Christmas tree).

I’ve got one more quick Advent calender to share with you though: a beer calender. I made one for my father-in-law, because he really doesn’t care about chocolates or anything, but likes to have his beer. It’s about the easiest calender you can make.

Advent Calender Alec.jpg

All you need to do is buy a crate of beer and stick a couple of circles (with the numbers) to the caps. I didn’t know before buying it, but this crate has 30 bottles. Instead of a regular calender that goes from 1-24, this one goes from 1-23, 25-31. Traditionally, Christmas presents are exchanged on the 24th, here in Germany. Therefore, his regular present will have the number 24. This way, he’ll have something the whole month of December.

Of course, you can also buy a crate with 24 beers. This was however the beer my father-in-law always drinks. I thought it best to give him that, which he likes. It is pretty amazing this way too, after all!

Do you have any advent calender ideas? Did you make your own? Or did you buy one? Let me know in the comments.

Ps. More Christmassy posts to come.


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    1. Oh! That would’ve been awesome as well. I love tea! I got a vegan one this year, from my boyfriend. The first few things were definitely not to my taste, but it’s been getting better 🙂

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