Azores Holiday – Accommodations

I’ve been trying to figure out where to start. I’m still too overwhelmed with all the thoughts about the vacation, that I found it difficult to start writing about something that really affected me. Instead, I decided to write about some of the more mundane things first.

On the Azores, we stayed in 5 different accomodations. I’m not really sure how to classify them. Some were more like B&Bs, others hotels or hostels. All in all, we were pretty happy with them. No single one was perfect, but they all had their positives and negatives.

What stood out a lot everywhere, is that breakfast starts very late. The earliest we could get breakfast was at 7.30am. Doesn’t seems like much of a problem, but when you usually eat breakfast at 6am, it’s very late, because back home it’s already 9:30am, and I was starving!

A second point, everyone spoke English. It had pretty much felt like a waste of time that I had tried to learn some Portugese.

Firstly, our first night on Sao Miguel we stayed in Hotel Camoes in Ponta Delgada. A nice small, fancy hotel, with a great breakfast. Its looks are most impressive. Personally, I wasn’t too happy with the beds however. They were quite uncomfortable. However, we were in the center, so it was easy to go for a walk and explore the city center and coast.

On the second island, Sao Jorge, we stayed at Quinta do Canavial in Velas. A beautiful B&B with amazing view and pool. A major disadvantage here was that we weren’t in the center, which apparently meant that giant bugs liked to live there too. It wasn’t too far from the center though, so we could actually just walk there in about 10 minutes.

We were greeted here by the owner, a lovely woman whose always available, if not in person, by phone. As she had shown us around, someone else had prepared some bread, cheese and a drink (honey liquor) for us, which was brought to our room. It was so lovely!

On the island of Pico, we stayed at Pico da Saudade in Prainha de Baixo. It’s in a lovely old buidling with rooms that are quite spacious. The bathroom is a little smaller, but has everything one needs. There wasn’t anything particularly negative about this place, but neither was there anything too positive. Just a clean place to sleep.

20171002_123004.jpgNext, we went to the island of Faial, where we stayed in the Casa da Baia in Horta. A hostel, where each room has been named after a different sea animal. We stayed in the Octupus room. There was a kitchen, living room and terrace that could be used. There was a lot of noise coming out from outside, due to cars racing over the cobble stone streets. We were right by the harbor though, which was great!

Lastly, we went back to Sao Miguel and stayed in the Hotel Vale Verde in Furnas. It took a little getting used to, because in Furnas, everything smells a little of sulphur, because of the hotsprings. A great little town, but no stunning views from the hotel. Even so, there wasn’t really anything to complain about.


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