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Instead of posting something myself, I’ve decided that this week, I’d share a couple of great posts from other bloggers. Yes, it’s definitely the lazy way to blog. I’ve got a great excuse though, because I’ve been binge reading the ACOTAR series. I didn’t think I’d like them, but turns out… I love them! But to get my more coherent thoughts on paper (or screen) is going to take a bit longer.

So, without further ado, some great blog posts from my and other bloggers:

Lauren from Wonderless Reviews gives you some tips and tricks for getting through a Readathon without stress: My tips & tricks for a stress-free read-a-thon experience. I’m definitely always stressing when there’s readathon, which is why I skip them. So perhaps I should try some of her tips and tricks.

I wrote about how to read more when you’re just always busy. It starts of as a regular posts, but gets a bit more drastic after that. Check it out for a laugh.

Christina from Girl in the Pages talks about unhauling books. A difficult topic for sure, for all of us book lovers!

A post I’m quite proud of is the one about reading for mental health. I don’t think I’ve ever shared anything so personal. I’m hoping to do it more, but it’s scary for sure.

Annemieke from A Dance with Books shares her beautiful shelves with us in her 4th installment of her Bookshelf Tour 2017.

What are your favorites posts from the last couple of weeks? Feel free to share them below, whether you wrote them or loved reading them! I’d love to check them out and discover some awesome new writers!


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