Review: Vegetarische Barbecue by Ross Dobson

 Book review | Tijd voor een vegetarische barbecue by Ross Dobson | 4 stars

Tijd voor een vegetarische barbecue by Ross Dobson

Design and photography: Murdoch Books
Deltas 2016
ISBN 9789044745610


Ross Dobson turns traditional barbecue recipes into a refreshing and versatile selection for anyone who savors good food.

Bullet-point review


+ includes vegan recipes
+ mostly simple to make for those new to veggie barbecues
+ includes sides, dips and salads

 – certain things are left to the cook

Full Review

I don’t do a lot of barbecuing. In fact, this was the first time where I tried vegetarian recipes for the barbecue instead of just buying those fake-meat sauages and hamburgers. I must say, taste-wise, it’s a definite step up. Not the least, because it doesn’t taste like meat anymore.

I’ve tried three recipes from the book, which all were fairly time intensive. Mostly due to the fact, that they had to marinate for a couple of hours. I followed the recipes to the letter, and mostly came out with amazing results. We had a really stunning sweet potatoe and pickle salad, as well as very-yummy and flavorful potatoe-burgers.

The tofoe on the other hand didn’t quite turn out the way I had wished. I had already cut the block of tofoe in half, so the marinade could soak in a little better. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Most of the tofoe stayed a little flavorless. Luckily, these are things that can be easily helped next time. The marinade tasted amazing though and the parts of the tofoe that it soaked into were very worthwhile.

All in all, I’m quite happy with the way the recipes turned out. They’re not too difficult to make and they have amazing tastes.


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