How To Read More (Or At All)

So, you’ve finally gotten to the point where you’re reading books, or maybe you’ve loved reading forever. However, finding the time to read is not always easy. So, how and when can you read?

On your way to work/school/where ever you’re going

This one is especially easy when you’re using public transport. Reading on a train or a bus is one of the easiest ways to spend the time you’re there. Even if you don’t want to carry a heavy book with you, there are lots of ebook readers you can install on your phone, so you can read those ebooks you’ve been dying to read.

Even in the car, you can ‘read’. Driving to work is so much nicer when you’re listening to an audiobook after all. At least, I quite enjoy it. Of course, I wouldn’t pick anything too heavy, since you also have to pay attention to traffic, but there are plenty of books that are just great for on the road. I’ve listened to my fair share of books, while driving to and from my parents (about 4 hours one way).


Yes, planning can be quite helpful. Not just what you’re doing throughout the day, but also when to read. Plan in some time for reading. Reading is helpful and good for you in so many ways (I’m planning on writing a blog post about this some time). It is definitely not a waste of time to plan to read 30 minutes everyday. It brings us right to my next suggestion…

Make it part of your routine

Instead of just having it it on your daily list of tasks, make it something that fits right in with the rest of your routine. Whether when waking up on the weekend, or right before bed throughout the day (my favorites). See where you could make it part of your routine. It really helps me relax and get ready for bed, so it’s part of my bedtime routine: brush teeth, pj’s, reading and sleeping. Not to mention it’s so much healthier than staring at the blue light of your phone right before going to sleep.

Make it a priority

If you want to read more, it has to be a priority. I hear people say this all the time about fitness, but the same goes for everything. If you really want to do something, it is a priority. Perhaps, if you don’t read (as often as you would like), it’s not a priority. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has different activities or interests they prioritize. To read more, it must be a priority.

Bring a book

Bring your books everywhere you go. You never know when you’ll have a dull moment and you need something to do that’s not just mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed. Whenever I have a doctor’s appointment, I take a book; waiting times are ridiculous even with appointments, so a book is a nice way to stay entertained. Plus, there are a lot of old people where I go to doctors, so I feel a lot of judgy eyes when I’m on my phone there. So, I read to prevent old people from looking at me funny. Yes, this happens.

If you still have no idea how to read more, here are some more drastic measures you could take:

  1. Quit your job or school and read all day.
  2. Get a job where you can read books all day (i.e. where you have a boss who doesn’t pay any attention to you).
  3. Pretend to be sick, so you can have a sick day and spend all of it reading.
  4. Unplug all electronics, shut the blinds and don’t open the door; pretend not to be home and read all day, instead of spending time with friends. 
  5. In fact, send all your friends breakup letters, so you can read more.
  6. Do not get involved in any fandoms, they take up too much of your time.
  7. Also, book clubs are a big no-go for the same reason.
  8. Hire someone to read to you all day, while you do other chores.
  9. Or ever better, hire someone to do the chores, so you can read.

I hope you’ve gotten some new ideas, or bit of a laugh. Let me know in the comments how you try to read more.


9 thoughts on “How To Read More (Or At All)

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  1. Even when I used to be super busy, like a high school, I used to bring a book with me everywhere, and would carry it in my hands even, so that I could read even just a few pages if I had a couple minutes of free time. When you don’t have a lot of time, you have to use the time that you have wisely! But LOL about your drastic measures 😛


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