CoaBB: I am a sucker for happy endings.

Yes, I’m shortening this CoaBB or Confessions of a Book Blogger. It’s easier this way to read what the post is actually about.

This post is about Happy Endings – the bookish kind. For those thinking of anything else: get your mind out of the gutter!

A lot of times, people seem to think that books aren’t realistic when the have a happy ending, as opposed to a tragic one. Sure, not all stories end happy. Certainly not in real-life. We hear too much about that on the news. It’s a bringer of bad news. So much so, that this year, the NOS (Dutch public broadcast news) has decided to have a segment each week, where they list the happy times they came across that week.

I feel like there’s already so much bad news we get through the news and other media, that I don’t find it necessary to pile on to that. Logically, I know the world hasn’t become any worse than it has been, we’re just bombarded with so many more stories about all the tragic events. Thus, books with happy endings help me feel just a little more balanced again.

That’s just my two cents though, my way to “live happily ever after”.


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