Switzerland in May – tropics and snowy mountains it’s all in a day trip.

Those of you following my personal Instagram account already know. We spend the second week on May in Switzerland, trying to speak French and mostly miserable failing. Luckily, there were a lot of things around to cheer me up about the terrible state of my French language skills.

We stayed in a little village called Nyon, on the coast of Lac Léman near Geneva. It was a picturesque town, with lots of small streets, lovely houses (both old and new), as well as a gorgeous view of the lake and it’s snow topped mountains on the other side. It even had some Roman ruins still standing.

As it wasn’t a big village and nothing noteworthy was going on while we were there, we usually took day trips to places near the lake. We went hiking on Saint-Cergue. A mountain right outside Nyon, with a terribly curvy road to get up there.  We tried to followed one of the routes laid out, but got lost. At least we didn’t see any signs anymore and it seemed like we really weren’t on the route anymore, but then it seemed like maybe we still were. We’re still not sure, but we’re happy we at least found our way back to the car. Even if it took longer than planned.

Then, we also took a trip around the lake and discovered the most beautiful places there. We weren’t sure about where we would stop. We we’re just driving the coastal route and watching the gorgeous views. Eventually we stopped in Montreux. A gorgeous, tropical-looking village and the far east-end of the lake. It has a footpath right be the lake, where you can’t come by car, which is stunning. Seriously, if you ever go there, check it out!


Our next stop was in Yvoire, FR. A lovely village to walk through, as it still has a medieval city center and a castle. They also have a Garden of the Five Senses there, which was great to visit. I couldn’t stop feeling some of the amazingly soft plants. And did you know there’s a flower that actually smells like red wine? The woman at the ticket counter told us, but I thought she must be overstating it. Nope. It really, REALLY smells like read wine.

Other trips we took were to Geneva, where we visited the flea market and walked about town. It was a great day, and the lake looked lovely. There’s very little else I can say about Geneva. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit CERN.

We did however get to see the Mont Blanc. We took a cable car all the way up the Aguille de Midi. It wasn’t one of the best days to go up there, since it was a little cloudy, but every once in a while we could look all the way down. Eventually it started snowing, which really made it cold. I didn’t mind too much though, because the whole experience was just amazing!

Have you ever been to Switzerland? What stood out most for you?


5 thoughts on “Switzerland in May – tropics and snowy mountains it’s all in a day trip.

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  1. As a swiss gal, I can definitely answer your first question with “yes” 😉 I’m living in the german speaking part, though, and only rarely visit the western part of the country. I’ve spent a weekend in Montreux this march, though, and it really is a lovely town with it’s lake promenade. If you should visit again, I’d recommend to go a little more east, visit the capital Bern, for example (UNESCO World Heritage) or Lucerne, where I live 😉


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