Confessions of a Book Blogger #10 – I like ‘snowflakes’

Firstly, I don’t actually like the term ‘snowflakes’. Everyone, whether real or a character in a story, has something about them that makes them different. That’s exactly what makes them them. It’s what makes characters seem like real people.

Sure, stories often follow people who happen to be different. Whether they ‘happen’ to fall in love with a vampire who actually likes them back, have always been a wizard without knowing it, or have undiscovered special powers.

I like reading books like this. Sure, it might be statistically unrealistic that we ‘happen’ to be following this one person that can save the world. But honestly, I don’t care! If I like the story, I don’t really care if it is about a ‘snowflake’.

How do you feel about this?


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