Declutter your shelves: 5 types of books to get rid off right now

DSCN2980We all know the problem: overflowing shelves, an overwhelming TBR and no idea how to deal with this. I’ve been decluttering my shelves, and have been trying my best not to add too many new titles to it permanently. It’s not easy, but there are a couple of things you can do to make it easier. Here are five types of books you definitely do not need to keep on your shelves, so you can make room for new books.

1. Books you hated/didn’t like

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, from personal experience I know it’s not. I’ve held on to a lot of books I didn’t like or even hated, just because I assumed it was expected of me to have these books on my shelves. For me personally, these are usually classics. However, any kind of book you didn’t enjoy really doesn’t have a place on your shelves, does it?

2. Books that have been on your TBR for over a year

If they’d really been on your TBR for that long, are you ever going to read them? Really? Honestly? Because there are so many other books, still coming out, that you have to read as well. Really, I’m not very good at this, but I have gotten rid of a lot of books that had been on my TBR forever.

3. Books you’re saving for someone else 

You know the type, those you’re saving for your future children, or for friends, just in case they want to borrow them. Is this really useful? Do you really need to keep these? By all means, keep some of the very sentimental ones, but all of them?

4. Books you’re never going to reread

Obviously, you’ll have to keep Harry Potter. That one book though, that you’ve read once and quite enjoyed, but are never going to pick up again? Does that need to clutter your shelves? Or could you use the space for something new and possibly better? You can’t always say it you won’t or will reread it. However, there are certain books where you know you won’t. Don’t keep those around even if you liked them. Hand them on to someone else, or make some money selling them.

cbffb-11925612_1478482295781198_2013205310_n5. Gifted books

Yes, you are allowed to get rid of books that have been gifted to you. It is not a crime. I don’t remember where I’ve read it, but it stuck with me. People give you items, because they’re supposed to make you happy, because they’re supposed to add to your life. When these items (in this example books), no longer fulfill this purpose you should no longer hold on to them. When you do, they completely defy their original purpose.

And then another two obvious ones: books you DNF’ed, as well as books you’ve been ‘currently reading’ for months.

Can you think of anymore books that should not take up any of your shelf space? Or do you believe that me advocating getting rid of books is close to heresy?


2 thoughts on “Declutter your shelves: 5 types of books to get rid off right now

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    1. Haha, I’m too lazy to sell most of the time. It just takes too much time. So I usually ask some of my friends if they’re interested in having them. Otherwise they just get donated. Though I’ve seen a few secondhand bookshops around here that would probably take them too. I might try that next time.

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