Book Upcycling – Photo book

Last year, before my Scotland trip, I mentioned that I was going to track this trip by using a Harry Potter book. Since its author comes from Scotland, this seemed entirely appropriate. Also, do I really need an excuse to buy another HP book?

20170312_112049So, I bought the book and took it with me on the trip. Throughout the trip we wrote down what we had done that day and taped in some of the tickets we had gotten. Also, just about every restaurant we ate at and every bookshop I bought a book at, I asked if they would write a little something in the book. Nothing special, just a quick note. Everyone looked at me funny at first, but then still did it.

Now, the time has come that I can finally show you the results of all this, because I have finally had the time to have the pictures printed and have also finally taped them into the book. I was so taken with this, that this is exactly what I did with my trip to Berlin a couple of weeks ago. I found a book about Berlin at a flea market and went from there.

So, if you’re ever unsure how to record your holidays, and you love books. Perhaps this could be for you.


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