Tips for Starting to Read for Fun

Tips for beginner readers

It’s not easy to start reading, so what can you do to get started? Here are some of my tips. There’s no science to this, just personal experience.

  1. Start with easy to read booksNo, these don’t have to be children’t books. However, starting off with Chaucer or Jane Austen would be a bridge too far. Find a book that’s easy to read and easy to understand, so you can enjoy the experience and not constantly find yourself stressed out, because you don’t know what’s going on.


  2. Find a theme/topic you likeAsk around if anyone knows books about certain themes or topics that interest you. There must be something out there! If you can’t think of anything you like, go through your recently watched Netflix shows and movies and go from there. Lots of tv shows and movies are based on books. Though watching the show and reading the book at the same time might complicate things a bit, as they’re never exactly the same.
  3. Make it part of your routine.If you make something part of your routine, it makes it easier tto do. My boyfriend didn’t like reading too much, but then we started to read before bed. (It would help me sleep, which in turn meant he could sleep, because I wouldn’t be keeping him awake). At times, he didn’t want to put his book down, because he wanted to know what happens next.
  4. Test the book.Read the first few chapters of a book. The first two or three will usually do. If the book still doesn’t appeal to you, there’s no reason to keep reading it. Put it away and pick up a new one.
  5. Library/thrift shopIf you want to try reading (more), but don’t have the money to spend on new books, try a library card, go to a trift store, or look in Facebook groups for people giving books away. You might just find something you like for a whole lot cheaper than full price. Especially libraries are amazing, because you can find just about any book there!

These are the first things I would recommend for something wanting to read more. Of course, if someone would ask me, I would also immediately recommend certain books. Do you have any more tips? Let me know in the comments below!


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