KonMarie Method – Step two: Clothing

The KonMarie Method has a certain order to things. This means that when you decided to start doing it, you’ll have to follow this for best results. The first part, I’ve already explained, which is thoroughly asking yourself why.

Next up is choosing which items in your house to keep. You’ll do this by asking yourself the question: does this particular item spark joy? I kind of translated that for me to mean: does this item make me happy in any kind of way?

However, there is no randomness in going through all of the items. You start with clothing, then books, papers, konomo (miscellaneous), and last sentimental items. The idea of this order of organization is that the first group is the easiest to discard things from and the last the most difficult. This way one learns to discard, and psychologically seen (not in the book), one first has a couple of successful experiences discarding items, making it more likely that you’ll continue the method and don’t give up half-way through.

Thus, what I did next was figure out which clothes to keep. In the end that meant that I had discarded a large trash bag and a half of clothes (they were donated). The boyfriend got rid of an entire bag of clothes, and together we got rid of a whole bag of shoes and a whole bag of bags.

Unfortunately I ended up with very few socks and very little underwear, so I got some new things as well. I don’t mind though, because this means no more uncomfortable underwear or socks anymore. Plus, I finally gave up on bras completely (I still had two, just in case).

I have no pictures of the huge mess in our living room with all the clothes in there. I forgot. However, next time, when I’ll let you know about my books, I’ll have some pictures.

Till next time!



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