The Book Shop (Wigtown, Scotland)

As The Book Shop in Wigtown proclaims to be the biggest second hand book shop in Scotland, I couldn’t not go there. It really is a ginormous book shop, even if it doesn’t look it as you first step foot into it.


20160705_121647The store has been divided into many, many rooms, nooks and crannies that you can go in to find that perfect book. I’ve added some pictures to show you what it was like. What I don’t have a picture of though, is the shed in the back, where you go for books about gardening and animals. It’s perfect!

What I did find unfortunate however, is the height of the shelves. They’re so, terribly high! I couldn’t even read what the titles of the books were on the top shelves, let alone reach for them. There are ladders all around the store, but it’s a hassle setting them up. So, I wasn’t about to figure out what was on the top shelves.

There is another shelve with just antique books. They look gorgeous, and for obvious reasons are expensive.

I loved the bed they set up in the shop, where you could lay down and read if you got tired. I’m not sure if anyone ever did. But I did go up there, just to check out what it was like. On top of that, there were some very comfortable seats with a type writer and a fireplace. What gets better than that?

20160705_121250What I was a little disappointed by, was the small amount of fiction books they sell. Sure, it’s still a massive amount. However, compared to the total amount of books you can find in this store, it’s only a fraction. I’d say less than ten percent, if I’d had to guess. Of course, there are plenty of other books to look at, but I’ve got to admit I’m not much for reading about sports, different countries, poetry, fishing, gardening, photography, history, or any of those.


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