Bookshop (in Largs, Scotland)

On the 3rd of July, our first full day in Scotland we did a couple of things in the area. One of the towns in this area is called Largs. It’s in itself not a very special town, and pretty much like all the other towns around here. It does however have an amazing charity bookshop.


It’s not big, but there is an amazing selection. I found it difficult to pick just one book (while here I’m only allowed one book per bookshop). Eventually, I picked Kazumo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, which I’d heard good things about AND was on my wishlist. It’s a hardcover, in beautiful shape. It was probably only read once before being donated. It was only 90p. Yes, not even a full pound for a beautiful, good-as-new hardcover! Sure, not all the books in the shop were in perfect shape, but just about all of them were under a pound. I’ve seen a few shops since then, but never one with these great prices!

The fact that it was a quaint bookshop, where the shopkeepers still trust their clientele was also refreshing. When we came into the shop there were a couple of other people there. One of them bought a book and left, then the other left without buying anything (I believe), and then… the shopkeeper left. Just up and left! About five minutes later he returned with his lunch. Of course, I did take that opportunity to take a good picture of the inside of the bookshop.


So, if you’re ever in the area, the west-coast of Scotland that is, and you find yourself in the town of Largs, take a quick peek into this lovely shop.


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