Sunday Post #37 – I’ll get the hang of this blogging/job thing one day!

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This way, I can tell you a little about my week and sum up what happened on the blog and everything else that I find interesting.

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Wow, jobs take away a lot of free time! As you may have noticed, I only had time to reply to all your comments yesterday and today. I actually really like my job, so I think in a little while I’ll be used to the schedule and can take some time at night to do some blogging again.

We had a pretty bad storm on Friday, and it was still really windy and rainy yesterday. I didn’t see much of it, since I was still at work, and where I was, there wasn’t very much going on. It was still stormy, but not nearly as bad as it was at home. The boyfriend had to save all of the plants and the curtains. One of the curtain rails actually got ripped off, and apparently some plant pots already started moving around, so he had to take them inside (or move them really close to the wall). I only experienced the annoyance of having to wait at work after I was done working, and then of having to take a pretty long detour because of blocked roads (by fallen trees).

I did read a bit more this week. I’m trying not to get too far behind on my challenge, so I read a bunch of Dutch YA books that I still had standing around, but never read. They’re relatively short, and easy to read. So even when I just read after work, I can finish them in a day or two.

How was your week? Any bad storms where you live?


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Post #37 – I’ll get the hang of this blogging/job thing one day!

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  1. It always takes a little while to get used to a new schedule, at least for me, so I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it eventually 🙂

    Yikes, that does sound like a bad storm, but I’m glad you’re ok and it was just your curtains and plants that seem to have gotten the worst of it.


  2. Yes, we’ve actually had some bad storms in Australia lately Myrthe – and it’s winter, so that’s weird!

    And I know what you mean about jobs taking us away from blogging. I only work part-time (so am very lucky) but I often talk about lacking the ‘headspace’ to blog rather than it being a time thing. The days I work I really don’t feel like doing anything when I get home.


  3. No storms here but it’s been hot. Glad you didn’t have any major damage- and yes jobs can definitely get in the way of blogging time lol. Your Scotland trip sounds fun- i think bookstore shopping in Edinburgh would be a lot of fun. Have a great week!


  4. Those pesky jobs, taking away our reading time 😉 You’ll figure out a new schedule to combine things.
    There was a lot of rain and so on in the last two weeks, but luckily we missed out on the bad storms and flooding in our area.


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