Bookish things I’d like to see in Scotland

With my Scotland trip right around the corner, I’ve made a list of bookish places I’d like to visit in Scotland. I’m not sure if I’ll have to time and funds to visit/do all of these, but they’re all on my bucket list. If not this time, perhaps some other time.

The first place I want to go is a town: Wigtown, also known as Scotland’s booktown.
According to the official website, there are currently 12 bookshops in Wigtown. I doubt I’ll be able to visit all of them, but there’s two I definitely want to check out: The Open Book and The Bookshop. Wigtown is also the home of some book festivals, so for a booklover it’s a must to check it out.

The Open Book isn’t just a bookshop. It’s also an accommodation that you can book for a couple of days. You won’t just be staying over a bookshop in that case, you’l be RUNNING it! I believe it’s booked solid for a while to come, so I won’t be staying there, but I really REALLY want to check it out.

Then, there’s The Bookshop, which defines itself as the biggest secondhand bookshop in Scotland. How could I pass that by? The real problem will be getting me OUT of the shop again. Maybe I should just move to Wigtown.

The stunning Jacobite routeNext up, the Harry Potter train and train ride. Yes, the train you see in the movies actually rides around Scotland and you can go on it! It’s not especially there for the fandom, but it sure works out nicely. Officially, it’s called the Jacobite Steam Train, though I feel it should just be changed to the Hogwarts Express.

Next, there’s another bookstore that claims to be Scotland’s biggest secondhand bookshop: Leakey’s Bookshop in Inverness. It’s in an old church and is absolutely gorgeous inside and out from the pictures I’ve seen. If I do manage to visit both, I’ll let you know which one is in fact the biggest bookshop.

Apart from these, I’d love to stroll through the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh to discover some of the bookshops there for myself. I’ve heard there are plenty of good (second hand) bookstores there, so I should be able to enjoy myself.

I’ve decided that I will not be allowed to buy more than one book per bookshop. I’m however not sure how I’ll manage it. Even if I do, there are so many bookstores that I might still end up with the most ridiculous bookhaul ever. Hopefully though, I’ll be able to restrain myself. I’ll let you know once I’m back.

Do you have any tips for bookish (or non-bookish) places to visit in Scotland?


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  1. Enjoy Scotland! The Harry Potter ride is definitely a must-do. If you have read One Day, then you should definitely go to Edinburgh because this is where the book starts! I made my entire family climb to Arthur’s Seat because of One Day, and it was totally worth it.

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    1. I’ve not read One Day, so I might do that some other time. My boyfriend’s family lives in Scotland, so we’re bound to go back sometime. I feel like I should read the book first, so I can appreciate the sight better!

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  2. I live in Scotland so I hope you have a great good time here!
    Personally I hate shopping in Glasgow because there’s always too many people for my liking but I recommend going to the Waterstones there because its got five floors and every bookworms dream!
    Again have a great time!

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    1. Oh! I know the frustration of too many people. I feel that way about Amsterdam, luckily I don’t live there!
      I’ll be sure to check out the Waterstones though. Sounds like a bookstore I have to see! Thanks for the tip.

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