Rearranging my bookshelves

A little while ago, I rearranged my bookshelves. I forgot to write a blog post about it though, but here it is now!

I hope you’ll enjoy the before, after, and greatly chaotic in progress pictures.


I made sure to get our dining table out of the way first, because it was in the way of getting a perfect ‘before’ picture. Here, my books I first organized by audience (adult, YA, child), and then alphabetically by last name of the first author. Obviously, there are some exceptions, as my Harry Potter shelf, as well as the two middle shelves all the way to the right. Those are books that aren’t mine, or didn’t fit into the shelves because they were too big. Plus some extras that somehow ended up there.


This is what it looked like during my reorganization. Most of my books (and my boyfriends CDs) were stacked on top of our dining room table. Though, since the table wasn’t big enough and I didn’t want to make the stacks any higher, some ended up on the floor.

Finally though, after a few hours of work and wondering whether I actually liked my new system that was just alphabetically on first author’s last name, I ended up with the following, beautiful result:


Can you spot any of your favorites?


8 thoughts on “Rearranging my bookshelves

Add yours

    1. Oh! I love organizing it by color too, but at some point my books became hard to find and I hated breaking up my series. Alphabetically, like I have now, is like a well-defined chaos. 😉

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  1. Jealous of your wall of bookshelves, haha. Wish we had room for that. I really like the dark one with the wallpaper. That is so pretty and it stands out so nicely. The new organisation looks great!

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