Free Little Library: Niedernjesa

As you may have gathered from certain posts on my social media, I’ve been to several free little libraries. One of the closest to me is one in Niedernjesa. It’s right in front of the Dorfsbäcker (village baker) in an old (bright yellow) telephone cell.


There are never many original German or English books in there, however, I have managed to pick up a few great reads there. I’ve (of course) also put a couple books in this little free library. These are mostly English and most haven’t been picked up. So, if anyone in the neighborhood is still looking for a copy of Throne of Glass or 11.22.63: have at it!

What I really like about this one, is that although I’ve never seen anyone else use it, apparently people really do: books are added and others are taken out! There’s a definite usage, which is great.

The best books I’ve found in this cute telephone cell so far? The Giver by Lois Lowry, Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, and Animal Farm by George Orwell.


What are your favorites finds from a free little library?


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