Büchertag Göttingen 2016

Last Saturday I was at the Büchertag in Göttingen. This year, it was themed “Himmel, Sterne und Planeten” (sky, stars and planets). I didn’t see much of that part, since I didn’t have much time to walk about. Ok, I suppose I could have technically made/taken the time, but I’ve got to admit I was really only interested in the books. Understandable, right?

On this day, there’s a lot going on, with performances, readings and more. None of which I saw. So I’ve no idea if any of that was good at all.

What I do know, is that there were a lot of stands with books. Not just bookshops, although there were a bunch of those as well: independent and/or second hand, but also lots and lots of private book sellers. People who had cleaned out their shelves and now wanted to get rid of some of the books they felt they no longer needed.

Here is a small impression of what it looked like:


So many small stands with so many books! I’m thinking that maybe I’ll set up shop myself next year and get rid of some of my unwanted books that way. Does anyone want to join me?

Even though there were so many people selling books, there weren’t very many people selling English books. As it took place in Germany, I expected most of the books to be German and those expectations came through. I don’t mind reading German, but I don’t like reading English bestsellers in German: it’s so much easier and more enjoyable to read them in English (for me). So, I only bought one book: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.


I’ve heard many things about Maya Angelou, but never have had the honor of reading one of her books. Time for a change!

Are there any book fairs where you live? What are your favorite ones? Any Dutch or German ones you know that I should definitely visit?


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