Pannenkoekenboot Amsterdam

As I mentioned very briefly in my previous Sunday Post, on the 21st of May my parents, my sister, my boyfriend and I drove to Amsterdam to celebrate my great-aunt’s 85th birthday. I was semi-lucky: I get car sick, which meant that I could sit in the front seat, because in the back seat it gets worse. Three other adults somehow managed two hours in the back seat.

Picture by my dad

As you can partially see, the boat (ship? vessel? floaty thing?) has two stories. Cool fact though, for the kids, there’s a ball pit in the basement (or whatever you call it when it’s on a boat).

Unfortunately, I’ve got no pictures of the pancakes and all the savory and sweet items that were available as toppings. I was too busy eating and bursting out of my pants. Scanning through my parents’ pictures, it seems they were too busy for that as well.

Here’s some great pictures though:





Have you ever had Dutch pancakes? If yes, did you like them or maybe not so much? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. It is a very beautiful city, but I honestly don’t like it much: I find it too crowded and touristy. There’s quite a few cities in the Netherlands just as beautiful (or more so), that are less crowded with tourists 😉 I prefer those.

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