Review: The Underrunners by Margaret Mahy

 Book review | De ondergronders by Margaret Mahy | 1 stars

De ondergronders by Margaret Mahy

original title: The Underrunners

Cover illustration: Joep Bertrams
Querido 1992
ISBN: 978 90 214 7419 9


Synopsis from Goodreads:

Tris understands underrunners, the vast network of tunnels that create great crumbling holes and gashes on his land. He won’t share this world with anyone–until he meets Winola. . . . Master of suspense Margaret Mahy spins a thrilling tale of mystery and intrigue.

Bullet-point review


+ potential

– odd friendship
– nothing happens for 90% of the book
– unsatisfying events and answers

Full Review

The story sounded so intruiging, so interesting, so much potential. None of the expectations I had for it were met however. About 90% of the book is about a bit of a weird friendship that is not even remotely interesting to read about.

At the very end, something interesting finally happens and some of the questions from earlier in the book are answered. It just seems so random when something finally happen, that it wasn’t even a little bit satisfying.

Not a book I’d recommend.


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