Sunday Post #33 -Back to work?

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This way, I can tell you a little about my week and sum up what happened on the blog and everything else that I find interesting.

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  • Review: The Underrunners by Margaret Mahy
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These last two weeks, and especially this week have been quite busy for me. Which explains why there was no Sunday Post last week. Firstly, I sorted through all of our stuff at home to see what items we no longer used and thus should probably find another place to live: there was a LOT! I also cleaned everything thoroughly, which included taking everything out of my bookcases.

Then, at the end of last week, I visited my parents, went with them to my mom’s aunt’s 85th birthday on the pannenkoekenboot (pancake boat) in Amsterdam to celebrate and officially moved out of the Netherlands (annoyingly enough this has to be done in person, if there’s only one person moving from a certain address, all the other cases could be done online). Anyway, I’m officially no longer residing in the lowlands of the Dutchies.

This week, on Monday and Tuesday I was invited to check out my (possible) future employment; I got to see what my tasks would be and the lovely chaos of a forensic institution. Funnily and excitedly enough, I got an email that they would like to hire me on that Tuesday morning (at around 10am), when I was there, and obviously didn’t have time to check my phone for anything. So, I only found out that I might be working there pretty soon when I came home on Tuesday.

On Friday, I got a bunch of paperwork sent to me that I had to fill out, so I can hopefully start pretty soon (a bunch of things still need to be sorted)! At the very least I’ll be there on Wednesday, because I have to be tested for infectious diseases at the doctor’s. So, lots going on the past two weeks. Most of it fairly exciting!

As you’ll see, I’ve bought a new Harry Potter book. I know I’ve already got plenty of editions, but this one I bought specifically for our upcoming holiday to Scotland. I want to bring it and have everyone I meet sign it (or mark their favorite passage, or leave a short message). I think it will be a great little souvenir, without me having to buy tacky Loch Ness- Monster statues or something. What do you think? Also, any advice on what to go see?

Yesterday there was a book fair here in Göttingen. A bunch of independent bookstores, but also lots (LOTS!) of private sellers. It was great to walk through (especially since the weather was amazing), and look at all these people excited about books. I only picked up one book: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, because most of the books they were selling were German books (too old to be interesting, too new to be antique and lots of translations from English).

I feel like I should use more pictures in these texts, especially when they get as ridiculously long as this one. What do you think? More pictures to break up text?


new books:

26104159 13214

books finished:



16 thoughts on “Sunday Post #33 -Back to work?

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    1. Yes! There’s always tacky souvenirs, which I usually end up buying and then tossing not long after because I can’t stand to see it in the house. So, I’m trying something different this time (though of course lots of pictures will be taken as well!).

      If you have any recommendations for what I should see in Scotland, let me know!


    1. Thank you for the feedback. I was wondering if it turned into too much just text or not. Most people don’t seem to find more pictures necessary, so that’s good to know. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Congrats on your move, and on possibly having found a job already, Kerstin! That’s awesome.
    I think just text is fine, even if I like pictures or photos as well. Be careful where you get your photos from if you decide to add some, though, as some bloggers have had trouble with taking pictures from google, and not knowing they had impeded on the photographer’s copyright…
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I would add pictures, they would be my own. The only other pictures I use are book covers (usually from Goodreads). So no problems there. Always good to keep an eye on though!


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