The long awaited homely update

Ever since I decided to change the bedroom into our sportsroom and vice versa, I’ve been wanting to show you how it turned out. Then, we also spring/summer-proofed our patio, so I got even more excited about showing you all the changes. However, only now, after I’ve also rearranged my bookcase did I finally get around to taking proper pictures and showcasing them all here.

Firstly, the places you’ve already seen; living room, kitchen and newly rearranged bookcases. I still love to sit and just stare at all the books! To you, it probably all still looks about the same though.

Then, the bedroom. I love how calm this all looks. Also, notice the rare fact that there is not actually a book on my nightstand! I took them all yesterday to fit them at the proper spot in the bookcases.


Now for the patio. I love all the plants and flowers. It makes it look so much more home-y. It’s not so bare anymore now, which I also like. We’re still looking for a small table for on the patio that’s higher than the one we have now, so we can have dinner outside. Apart from that, I think it’s pretty much perfect!

In the mean time, the blueberry bush on the right side (in the first picture) has gotten quite a lot greener. The light outside hasn’t been as nice though.



Then, there’s still the sportsroom and the hallway. Neither are very interesting, and the sportsroom is mostly clutter. But, once the washing is out of the way, I have plenty of space for poling, or yoga, or whatever I want to do. And that’s good enough for me.


That was it for now. I hope you liked the update. What’s the last thing you changed about where you live?


2 thoughts on “The long awaited homely update

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  1. Looks great. I really like your patio. We just put up a new coat rack. And obviously upstairs we had to make room for the baby. So we moved the computer downstairs. The spare bedroom was moved to another room, and the former spare bedroom is now the baby room. 🙂


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