Review: Stupid White Men by Michael Moore

 Book review | Stupid White Men by Michael Moore | 4 stars

Stupid White Men by Michael Moore

Penguin 2002
ISBN: 978 0 141 01190 5



Stupid White Men tells you everything you need to know about how the great and the good screw us over. It reveals- among other things – how ‘President’ Bush stole an election aided only by his brother, cousin, his dad’s cronies, electoral fraud and tame judges; how the rich stay rich while forcing the rest of us to live in economic fear; and how politicians have whored themselves to big business. Not to mention providing fascinating details on just how stupid Bush is, a convincing case for male obsolescence and a fabulous new use of White Only signs.

hilarious must-read for anyone who wants to know what the con is and how ‘they’ get away with it, Stupid White Men is only available uncensored because public pressure forced the original publishers to publish a book they felt was too hot to handle. Not it’s time to find out why. It’s so damn funny it’ll make you cry.

Bullet-point review


+ funny
+ still relevant
+ shocking

– all over the place
– dated

Full Review

As you can see, this book was written a while ago. It first came out right after G. W. Bush became president of the US of A. It is therefore dated, however, funnily (or scarily) enough it is in a lot of cases still relevant.

In some places the book amazingly funny, in others downright shocking. Unfortunately it also feels like it’s all over the place. In the end, it’s all related, but it doesn’t always seem that way at the start of a chapter, which is quite confusing.


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