On my bookshelf #20

Number 20 already! So a total of 200 books that I’ve gone through. Wow! Time for the next 10.


1. Gier, Kerstin – Ein unmoralisches Sonderangebot
2. Gier, Kerstin – Die Braut sagt leider nein
3. Gier, Kerstin – Fisherman’s Friend in meiner Koje

Yes, more Kerstin Gier book. The first of these I’ve read. It’s part of her second YA trilogy, though I really liked the first one better. The rest of them I’ve not had for very long and will be reading soon!

4. Gils, van Ad – De Das in Gevaar
5. Gils, van Ad – Een Bever in de Biesbosch
6. Gils, van Ad – Op Zoek naar de Otter

Three of my favorite books as a child. They’re all about a different animal and their environment. Not as an informative book, but as an adventure book with children who learn about this animal. All the information in it is correct though, so I learned a bunch from these.

7. Glastra van Loon, Karel – De Passievrucht

One of those attic books again. It’s an optional read in high school, where I didn’t choose to read this one. I recently did though and it is pretty awesome! I believe it’s been translated into a few languages, so check it out.

8. Gray, Claudia – Ten Thousand Skies Above You

I won this one on January through a Twitter giveaway by Live, Love, Read. I really liked this one. It was better than the first book in a lot of ways, but worse in a couple of ways as well.

9. Grimm, Jacob – De Sprookjes van Grimm

Grimm’s fairy tales. I still have to read almost all of these! However, the book has amazing illustrations, some of which I’ve been posting on Instagram.

10. Hermans, Wilem Frederik – Au Pair

Haven’t read it yet. So… I’ll get to it at some point. Maybe even this year.


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